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WpSlayers Disclaimer

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The team behind WpSlayer has years of experience. That is why Wpslayer can provide your the best WordPress reviews, tutorials so that you can make a website like a champ.

WpSlayers Has 4 Streams of Income

By becoming the most trusted website with thousands of users, we have four stream of income that is fueling WpSlayer’s existence. let’s face the truth, running a website like WpSlayer demands big funding. WpSlayers need a lot of $$$ for hosting, website management and content creation and for hiring coders, designers. This way we can keep adding articles, add products, keep the products updated and provide services.

1. Our WordPress service

As WordPress experts we we love to help people. We provide two basic services. One time fix, where we only solve the issue you have for a one time fee. Ongoing WordPress support, we we manage and keep your website secure, updated and functioning for a ongoing payment baisis.

2. Our Themes, Templates & Plugins

We also make premium WordPress themes, template and plugins. It helps people to make their website by their own or add functionality by using our plugins. People love our products as we make easy to use and affordable WP theme and plugins. We are greatful to our loyal supporters that made WpSlayers what it is today.

3. Affiliate Fees

Affiliate fees or Referral fees are the third source of our income. You may call it affiliate maketing. We earn a small percentage of the sale that you make through our honest recommendation from our website. But it does not mean that your need to pay any extra. We get the payment directly from the company. Moreover, in may cases, our recommended products comes to your at a discounted price. We always forvide our recommendation that we trust and belive in. We do not collect any user information when you purchase any item or services from our links. In short, what you find at WpSlayers are safe, secure and will help you to make big things happen.

4. Custom Advertisements

Here at WpSlayer we offer advertising opportunities. It help clients spread the word out for their awesome product or services. But we can ensue each advertisement request goes to our expert team for a quality check and we only approve the best. We are aim to provide you the best information from our website and even each advertisement reflect that.

How to support us

WpSlayers a joint vanture with you, every single of you. We appreciate your contirbution to make WpSlayer what it is now. You can support us in different ways, like:
  • 1. Get our ¬†WordPress Services.
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  • 3. Purchase recommended products and services using our affiliate/referral links.
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